Dental Restoration: Solutions Offered by Our Dentist Office

Dental RestorationIn our Pleasanton dentist office, we can provide you with a dental restoration if you crack, chip, or damage your tooth. While we focus on preventative care and can help you to avoid common dental problems, it is not uncommon to need a restoration at some point in your lifetime. When you do, we have several solutions that you can choose from, making it possible to find an option that fits with your lifestyle and goals. Here are a few of them:

Dental bonding

When we have a patient that needs an immediate solution, we often recommend dental bonding. This is a same-day restoration that does not require assistance from the dental lab. The process works by roughening the tooth and applying a moisturizing solution before placing the bonding material on top of it. The bonding material will match the surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. Once in the right shape, it will be hardened in place. Since this is a non-invasive solution, it is also ideal for children.

Dental veneers

This is a common dental restoration that people also use to improve the appearance of their smile. When we place dental veneers, we need to remove a small portion of the enamel on the surface of the teeth, but the actual tooth structure remains intact. This is positive for your long-term oral health. We can use veneers to correct cracked and chipped teeth. In addition, we can change their shape or appearance and cover dark stains.

Dental crowns

When it comes to dental restoration, nothing can compare with dental crowns. A crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth entirely, making it impossible for anything to come in direct contact with the tooth. While wearing one, a patient can bite down with confidence and eat any favorite foods. Additionally, a crown is the longest-lasting dental restoration, meaning that a patient will not have to come in for a replacement crown anytime soon. While past dental crowns consist of silver or gold, we can now provide patients with a dental crown of porcelain or ceramic so that it blends in with the surrounding teeth.

Dental fillings

While patients may not think of a dental filling when they hear the word “restoration,” this is one of the most common restorations that there is. When we remove tooth decay, a portion of the tooth will be missing and in need of a restoration. We can then place a tooth-colored filling. We can complete this procedure in under an hour.

When you visit our Pleasanton dentist office, we will provide you with the dental restoration that you need in order to smile with confidence. Our goal is for you to be able to bite down and eat like normal, speak freely, and smile with confidence because you both love your teeth and want to enjoy life without restriction. Ongoing dental care provides you with the ability to do all of these things, so call today to discuss our options.

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