Reasons to Visit Our Pleasanton, CA Dentist Office

Pleasanton, CA DentistWhen  you visit our Pleasanton, CA dentist office, we are confident that you will feel right at home.  We love our patients and are passionate about providing the best possible dental care. We understand this starts from the moment you make an appointment and doesn't end until you have left our office satisfied. You can count on us to listen to you and to make the entire process of receiving dental care as easy as possible.

Top Reasons Patients Visit Our Pleasanton, CA Dentist Office

Here are some of the many reasons that patients visit our office on a regular basis.

#1 Tooth pain

A toothache or dental pain of any type, can be incredibly uncomfortable and make it difficult to go about your day. If you wake up with a sudden toothache, we encourage you to visit our office right away so that we can examine you and determine what the source of your discomfort is. We can then make a plan for how to address it. It may be that you have a toothache due to a cavity or infection. In this case, the infected portion of the tooth must be removed, the tooth cleaned, and a dental filling placed so that you can begin to feel better and use the tooth without an issue.

#2 Dental damage

Damaging a tooth is actually fairly common. You can damage a tooth by chipping part of the enamel or even cracking it when you are eating a bag of salted peanuts, chewing on ice, or just going about your day. There are a million things that can damage your teeth and when this happens, it is critical that you visit our office as quickly as possible so that we can restore the tooth right away. Otherwise, you risk the area becoming infected in addition to becoming damaged.

#3 Stained teeth

Time and coffee can wreak havoc on the appearance of your teeth. If your teeth are stained yellow or you have dark spots, it is critical that you come in for a teeth whitening appointment. While not necessarily important for your health, it will be important for your confidence and your ability to smile without worrying about the appearance of your teeth. A whitening procedure can help you to look younger and in better health. These are two good reasons in addition to your own comfort level that makes visiting us for a whitening procedure an ideal solution.

#4 Smile makeovers

We can improve the appearance of your smile by addressing a variety of issues. For one, we can whiten your teeth. Secondly, we can close gaps in between the teeth and make crooked teeth appear to be straight, change the shape or size of your teeth and more.

Schedule an Appointment

To make an appointment with our Pleasanton, CA dentist office, give us a call. We will work around your schedule and find a time that will work best for you and your family. We are here to support your endeavors to improve your health and will do what we can to make receiving dental care as easy as possible.

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