Adult Clear Braces Options


At Pleasanton Valley Dental, we can straighten your teeth and turn your crooked smile into one that is truly beautiful.  Regardless of whether you are twenty or sixty-five, there has been no better time to straighten your teeth than today.  This is because we have several solutions for doing so, many of them fast and discreet.  This means that you do not need to wear traditional metal braces unless you want to.  If you live in the Pleasanton area, we encourage you to call (925) 600-0065 and schedule an appointment with our 94566 dental office to discuss your options in further detail.

Your Adult Clear Braces Options Include

Invisalign®.  A trailblazer, the Invisalign® system has been providing adults with a convenient way to straighten teeth for decades.  Using clear, and virtually invisible aligners, Invisalign® can be used to close gaps in between your teeth, straighten them and correct a misaligned jaw.

Clear Correct. Invisalign® has become synonymous with clear aligners.  However, this is only one brand of aligners that can straighten your teeth.  Clear Correct is another option and one that we find to be preferable due to high-quality, affordability and ease of use. When wearing clear aligners, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to eat whatever you want without concerns over food becoming stuck in your teeth.  This is possible because your aligners are supposed to come out when eating and brushing teeth.  This also means that you can make a presentation at work, take family photos, or go on a date without wearing your orthodontics.  Clear Correct places you in control of your treatment plan and makes it possible to enjoy a life free from concerns about your braces.  Simultaneously, your aligners can be just as effective as traditional metal braces.  Our Pleasanton, CA patients also appreciate that Clear Correct lives up to its name and as long as you keep your teeth and aligners clean, they will be virtually invisible.

Six Month Smiles.  If speed is your top priority, there is no better solution than Six Month Smiles.  If you live in the Pleasanton area and have been evaluating your options, visit our 94566 office to find out if Six Month Smiles is right for you.  With this procedure, tooth-colored brackets can be bonded to your teeth and a tooth-colored wire threaded between them.  Your braces will blend in with your natural teeth so that your orthodontics do not stand out.  Since they are clear, you can still speak and smile with confidence during the treatment process.  The main benefit, however, is just how fast they work.  The brackets are shaped differently and allow for faster movement of the teeth.  This makes it possible to straighten your teeth in time for your wedding, graduation, or any other major life event.  When it comes to clear braces, Six Month Smiles delivers both aesthetically and by way of convenience.

Discuss Your Options

At Pleasanton Valley Dental, we can provide you with detailed information regarding Invisalign®, Clear Correct, and Six Month Smiles during your consultation.  We encourage you to schedule an examination with our Pleasanton, CA dentist office so that we can take x-rays and determine the exact position of your teeth and jaw in comparison with where they need to be straightened.  Our goal is to provide you with multiple clear braces solutions so that you can determine which treatment option is right for you.  We are confident that you will enjoy the process and find it relatively easy to begin.  To schedule your appointment, call (925) 600-0065.

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